STUMPDOG is an Auckland based business with over 20 years of experience, specialising in the grinding and removal of tree stumps and roots quickly and effectively. We have a range of machines specialised for particular situations, from stumps big and small and with difficult access. Whether you’re in the process of getting a tree or hedge removed, or you have an old stump or roots in the way, causing problems, we chew through anything. Stump grinding is the no fuss stump and root removal solution, and you can rely on STUMPDOG to provide an experienced, safe, reliable and cost effective service.




We will meet you at the property at a pre arranged time to view the stump and access in person. By viewing the stump/roots we can then provide an accurate quote for the job. We service Auckland, East Auckland and North Shore with our machinery on board, so same day service is available, depending on the size of the stump and demand.



STUMPDOG are proud to provide a free, no obligation quote. We have extensive experience in stump grinding and have a clear understanding of how long it takes. By viewing the stump and access in person we can be sure to give you an accurate and fair quote, so that you know exactly where you stand on cost.


We will arrange a time to suit you and arrive with the relevant state of the art machinery suited to your stump/root removal needs. There are no hidden costs with STUMPDOG, the price quoted to you will include the grinding of both the tree stump and roots, leaving nothing but mulch in its place to naturally break down.

Safe, Reliable And Cost-Effective Stump Removal

Your Trusted Auckland Stump Grinders

We Chew Through Anything

STUMPDOG is a recognised and trusted solution to fast and affordable stump grinding in Auckland, East Auckland and the North Shore. We are specialist stump grinders with over 20 years experience using the very latest stump grinding machinery. With our specialised grinders and expertise we can complete jobs big and small, and in those hard to reach places with limited access. We eliminate any stumps and roots left behind from your tree and hedge removals or landscape upheavals leaving nothing but mulch in its place.    


Stumps and roots can become a problem or eye sore for almost anyone, and with their complex and hardy structure, digging them out is a long, tiring and tedious task, even diggers often struggle to dig out a stump successfully, leaving a large and unsightly hole in its place and a large stump and root bowl to dispose of.

When removing a tree it is often assumed that the stump will rot and die quickly. Unfortunately the stump can live for a long time without the tree, encouraging roots to continue to grow. Depending on the species, root systems can cause a lot of damage to surrounding areas, lifting concrete and breaking pipes, simply removing the tree is no guarantee to stop the roots from growing, but a stump removal is.

When a stump eventually dies, it takes years to break down and rot, often becoming a food source and home for a range of insects and pests.

Whether you want to eliminate a tripping hazard, an eye sore free up some valuable garden space, or that annoying stump you hit every week with the lawn mower, it is always best to call in the professionals to get rid of it the quick and easy way.

Our reputation and a trustworthy and reliable stump grinding service is a result of our focused attention on customer service and satisfaction. When you contact our friendly team, you are guaranteed excellent customer service and fair, competitive pricing.

We can save you the leg work and work in conjunction with your arborist company or individually. Before commencing any job we will always attend your property and give a clear and fair quote for the job. We like to ensure everyone is on the same page, so by meeting on site we can be sure to have a full understanding of your wants and needs, and you can have a transparent price for the services. We can assess the access and stump to develop the appropriate solution using one of our specialised machines.

Each job is booked in at a time to suit you, however if you are in a hurry, a same day service is available. We ensure that each and every job is completed to the highest standard and are dedicated to the safety of workers and customers on site.

To learn more about how STUMPDOG can help you get in touch today by calling 027 788 6733.